Article highlights:

  • The importance of landing pages for your campaigns
  • The benefits of custom-created YUMBI landing pages
  • Custom landing page ideas

Landing pages play a vital function in your QSR marketing campaigns. When capturing customer attention and driving engagement, they’re your digital entry points to focused communication and powering your messages with impact. Many brand marketers want to create their own custom landing pages to direct customers to enticing offers and mouth-watering imagery in order to simplify the customer journey from initial interest to placing an order. In an industry where convenience and speed are paramount, creating custom landing pages are the key to providing an efficient online experience that translates into increased sales and customer loyalty.

YUMBI recognises the need for brand marketers to have the ability to exercise control over their landing page needs. As a result, our Engage product now offers this functionality, easily accessed through the Dashboard. A ‘New Landing Page’ wizard requests all the relevant information needed for your own unique landing page, including page title, description, featured image and message. Once you’ve inputted these details, a new landing page or app card will be generated. It’s as easy as that! You’ll also be able to manage any and all of your landing pages through the Dashboard (for example: search for a page, add a new page, edit a page and archive a page).

The benefits of custom-created YUMBI landing pages

Focused Message: a custom landing page allows you to deliver precise and targeted messaging with a singular, clear objective, be it promoting a specific product, service, or campaign. 

Promotion Focus: a custom landing page is ideal for promotions centred around limited-time offers, new menu items, or specific deals

Conversion Optimisation: a custom landing page helps you drive immediate actions such as online ordering, in-store visits, or loyalty program sign-ups. YUMBI landing pages can be created to maximise conversions by featuring compelling calls to action that motivate and move customers to take action.

Tracking and Analytics: your custom landing pages provide a controlled environment for tracking and analysing visitor behaviour. You’re now able to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by examining metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates on your landing pages.

Mobile Optimisation: because so many customers now place their orders online via mobile devices, your custom landing pages are optimised for mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Branding and Visual Appeal: your custom landing pages offer a unique opportunity for your QSR brand to reinforce its brand identity in the eyes of your customers through the consistent use of colours, logos, and imagery, creating a visually captivating and memorable experience.

Custom landing page ideas that captivate

Limited time promotions: create landing pages that highlight limited-time promotions. Examples would be: ‘Deal of the Day,’ ‘Weekend Special,’ ‘Bok Friday Offer.’

  1. Menu highlights: develop landing pages that focus on your menu items, categorising them by type, such as ‘Burgers,’ ‘Desserts’ and ‘Beverages.’
  1. Convenience is king: customise a landing page that demonstrates you think like a customer! Show how you’ve streamlined your online ordering process and speak directly about how you offer real, tangible convenience (e.g.: delivery, curbside collect).
  1. Loyalty program: customise a landing page that promotes your loyalty program. Highlight the benefits of joining, such as earning rewards, exclusive discounts, or early access to promotions. 
  1. Launch new products: use your custom-created landing page to launch and showcase new menu items. Provide customers with beautifully photographed visuals and product descriptions, and always include options for them to place orders quickly and easily.

When creating your unique, customised landing pages, think outside the box. Ask yourself what needs your customers are looking for. Then be bold, be imaginative and capture their attention by engaging, engaging, engaging.