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Dynamic Standouts

Provide your customers with an experience that shows them a real-time view of their food order delivery, thanks to our online ordering interfaces.
Customers can track drivers while geolocation ensures accurate delivery.
Voucher codes for free delivery integrated with YUMBI Engage.
Detailed Delivery Management Reports for a more efficient fleet.

Integrate delivery for increased orders

According to our data, on average, delivery customers spend 10% more than takeout customers. This means that when you optimise your fleet using DeliveryTribe, or activate a professional, outsourced 3rd party delivery network, you’re going to start increasing order volumes with immediate effect.
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Improve driver performance and customer satisfaction

Deliver to Pin – customers can place orders for delivery, even if they don’t have a valid street address.

Live Driver Tracking – customers can receive notifications about the driver’s name, progress and ETA via push notifications and on-screen prompts.

Free Delivery Promo Capability – time-limited voucher codes for free delivery can be shared on social media with audience specific targeting.

Driver Tipping – customers can add a tip to their pre-paid orders, with default options of 0%, 5%, or 10%.

Built-in technology for accurate operations

Restaurant Look-up – customers are shown restaurants closest to their delivery address that are within approved delivery zones and available to receive orders.

Geolocation Capability – location data and ‘Deliver to Pin’ feature ensures accurate delivery in poorly mapped areas.

Delivery Order Reporting – YUMBI Insights offers comprehensive Delivery Management Reports, including Order Maps, Heat Maps, Delivery Summary and Tracking Details.

Customise your fleet to suit your needs

Delivery Zone Configuration & Management – set up multiple delivery zones or exclusion zones. Make temporary or permanent adjustments as needed.

Delivery Fee Configuration – configure unique delivery fees and delivery availability times per restaurant. Create minimum order value required for delivery (e.g.: R80), or free delivery based on basket spend.

Collect vs Delivery Menu Item Configuration – configure items for either ‘Collect’ or ‘Delivery’ with different prices and target them per customer order context.

Integration partners

Our world-class partnerships ensure outsourced delivery fulfillment that can accommodate customisation requests for new delivery networks and technologies.
Our integration partners: Uber Direct

Optimise delivery time and accuracy, reduce operating expenses and provide a more customer-focused experience with our scalable, integrated driver management software.