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Data that helps you manage with Insight

Keep abreast of your restaurant’s performance, watch customer trends and behaviour.
Use these insights to create effective restaurant strategies and increase customer satisfaction.
Real-time reporting
Deep insights into order placement and fulfilment
Individual or multi-restaurant reports

Enhance operational excellence

YUMBI’s industry leading and innovative data insights help your brand stand out by providing real-time information that keeps you competitive. They inform you about your customers preferences, your busiest times, and which menu items perform best. Use this information to improve your procurement, operations and customer acquisition by using resources better and to keep customers happy.
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Innovate with machine learning and AI

Using machine learning and AI, Insight turns raw data into useful insights that increase profits.

Predict what customers will want, manage inventory better, and schedule staff more efficiently.

Future-proof your business and take advantage of new local and global trends and opportunities.

Detailed graphical insights

Our graphical insights are designed for specific roles, so teams get access to reports that are easy to read and highly relevant to them. These role-based, visual reports provide accurate and actionable data, helping you spot trends, improve marketing campaigns, manage operational excellence and boost customer engagement for enhanced business performance.

Consumer Insights and Store Management Dashboards

Our Consumer Insights and Store Management Dashboards offer a comprehensive view of consumer behaviour and store performance, including:

Store Revenue Performance, Orders by Channel and Type

Delivery Performance and Store Uptime

Customer Engagement Communication and Strategies Data

Customer Database by Orders Placed

Average Orders Per Store

Third party integrations made easy

Thanks to our Third Party Integration partners, synchronisation between YUMBI and these platforms means seamless, real-time customer communication at all times.
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What our clients say

About using INSIGHT
The Engage platform has enabled Debonairs Pizza to execute against key strategic priorities for the brand aligned to the CRM programme. The platform has enabled the brand to execute robust messaging with defined measures of success linked to sales. The easily accessible data reporting has been key in refining the CRM approach.

– Zubenathi Jizana | Brand Manager