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Data that helps you manage with Insight

Keep abreast of your restaurant’s performance, watch customer trends and behaviour.
Use these insights to create effective restaurant strategies and increase customer satisfaction.
Real-time reporting
Deep insights into order placement and fulfilment
Individual or multi-restaurant reports

Rich real-time reporting

Enjoy access to usable, reliable and real-time data with Insight reports. Improve customer satisfaction, manage staff more effectively, improve stock management - make better, more effective decisions and increase revenue. Insight is a secure and powerful cloud-based reporting tool that provides a holistic view of your digital food-ordering ecosystem, while delivering real-time customer trends and insights.
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Genuinely improve performance

Restaurants that use analytics can boost their profits by 8% to 10%*

Studies have shown that operations using analytics increased their productivity by 17% and improved their products or services by 12%. Insight works seamlessly with the StoreFront, Switchboard and Engage products, with real-time data, to help you understand how your quick-service restaurant is performing across all areas. Use this data to identify where to concentrate your efforts, increasing performance and productivity.

Harness hi-tech features

Heat maps: visual data of where your most and least effective deliveries are taking place, helps you plan delivery zones and delivery resource.

Customer order reports: deep insights on how orders were placed (website/app/call-in) and whether for in-store collection, curb-side or delivery.

Voucher redemption reports: analyse your customer acceptance rate of vouchers offered through YUMBI Engage.

Call centre performance reports: audit call-in orders results to improve your food-ordering channel and deliver a consistent order experience for your customers.

Benefit from immediate insights

Real-time information: accurately assess restaurant performance, and important trends across individual or multiple locations via desktop, mobile device, Android and IOS.

Competitive advantage: through data analysis, fast food chains can stay ahead of competitors and maintain their market position.

Increased sales and revenue: insights help you identify high-performing menu items, sales trends, and customer segments for greater profits.

Increased efficiency: optimise your operations, improve supply chain management, and reduce waste.

Third party integrations made easy

Thanks to our Third Party Integration partners, synchronisation between YUMBI and these platforms means seamless, real-time customer communication at all times.
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What our clients say

About using INSIGHT
The Engage platform has enabled Debonairs Pizza to execute against key strategic priorities for the brand aligned to the CRM programme. The platform has enabled the brand to execute robust messaging with defined measures of success linked to sales. The easily accessible data reporting has been key in refining the CRM approach.

– Zubenathi Jizana | Brand Manager