Article highlights:

  • What is the customer journey?
  • Understanding your key customer segments.
  • Understanding how YUMBI products enhance the customer journey.

What is the customer journey?

As a franchisee, your customers’ experiences and their interactions with you are paramount to your ultimate success. YUMBI’s products and services have been designed with this in mind. Whether it’s initial awareness you seek, all the way through to post food-ordering feedback, your customer journey involves many different stages and interactions that your customer has with your brand. Your challenge is to guide them through this journey, moving them from being potential customers to active customers and, finally, loyal customers who return to you time and again. Understanding who your customers are, their habits, what they seek from you, and how to address their needs is vital when connecting and engaging with them. For example, while your younger customers are more tech-savvy and willing to conduct their orders online, your older customers might prefer a more direct, one-on-one approach. In other words, one segment of your customer base might opt for app ordering while another segment might prefer call-in ordering. The trick is to understand which segment prefers which approach. Let’s take a look at your customer base.

Who are your customers?

GEN Z (10 – 25 years old)

They conduct their lives online. They seek unique dining experiences that align with their fast-paced lifestyle. Convenience, speed, and innovative solutions are paramount to their journey. They expect nothing less. YUMBI caters to these preferences by providing seamless and personalised tech-driven tools that enhance their dining experience. They are highly influenced by social media marketing, spending their disposable income quite happily and freely on food. They also prioritise affordability and value, so your QSR discounts and specials are important to them. Think YUMBI Engage here which allows you to reach them cost-effectively with calls-to-action that move them to order. 


Millennials have diverse tastes and are experience-driven – this includes great and memorable food experiences. They value convenience and efficiency. They often opt for food that is easy to order, quick to collect or have it delivered. They enjoy a wide range of menu options and are health-conscious individuals. You will often find Millennials looking for customisable orders that suit their dietary preferences. Like their Gen Z counterparts, they’re tech-savvy and are likely to use food delivery apps and online platforms to order. YUMBI products are user-friendly allowing Millenials seamless personal customisation, hassle-free ordering, and convenient collect and delivery options.

GEN X (42 – 57 years old)

Convenience, quality, reliability, consistency, and speed of service are the expectations you’ll need to meet when it comes to Gen X. This customer segment is significantly important as they’re often not only ordering for themselves but for the rest of their family as well. So it’s important to offer them value for money whenever communicating with them. Treat them right and you’ll find them to be loyal customers who return again and again. An interesting distinction here is that your Gen X customer prefers one-on-one contact over digital – so keep this in mind when they’re in-store.

How YUMBI products enhance the customer journey

Now that you understand the different customer segments, how does YUMBI help your QSR get, keep, and grow customers? Each YUMBI product has been specifically designed to address the wants, needs, and desires of each segment – seamlessly. Here are some examples of how our products help all 3 of your customer segments on their journey:

Storefront: Your fully customisable and integrated, white-labelled, omnichannel ordering solution that allows your customers to order via your website or app – quickly, easily and conveniently for increased orders and profit.

Switchboard: call-in ordering that can be tailored to match your customers’ distinct food-ordering journey. 

Dine-In: Effortless menu browsing, simple ordering, and contactless in-store payments for all.

To-Go: Cuts wait times dramatically while offering the convenience of contactless payments. 

Engage: On-demand brand-specific content and personalised, targeted customer communication that reaches every customer segment with Smart Campaigns designed to excite and drive them to action.

Delivery: Provide your customers with real-time driver tracking as their delivery heads their way.

BeHeard: Interact with your customers for deep insights into what they’re thinking, feeling, and saying about your QSR. Invaluable in understanding each of your 3 customer segments to help you improve your service levels across the board.

Join YUMBI and you’ll not only be solving customer pain points, but providing your customers with a great experience going forward for long-term QSR success. From customer awareness to engagement, ordering, payment, delivery, and feedback, YUMBI makes your customer’s journey a happy, long, and loyal one.