Getting customers to land on your website or app is only the first step to receiving online orders. Getting them to take the next step is another story. Once on your site, they may exit before acting, or they may download your app but not purchase.

So, how do you bring people back who have shown intent but have yet to download your app? Or get those who have downloaded your app to place their first order? Each requires a targeted strategy, which we explain in this article.

  1. Leveraging retargeting ads will bring back potential customers who previously visited but did not activate.
  2. Using automated push notifications will encourage users who have downloaded your app to place their first order.

1.   Leverage Retargeting Ads

Advertising to website and app visitors who have yet to act after an initial visit is a staple in the eCommerce playbook to bring them back and download your app. You’d be surprised how people don’t follow through simply because they’re not in the right frame of mind or get distracted.

Retargeting can be a highly cost-effective channel because it brings back users with a high intent to place an order. Retargeting ads show previously browsed products and are remarkably effective in triggering a download and purchase. In layperson’s terms, this means advertising to groups of users who did not download your app.

How Retargeting Works

 1. Your target audience visits your website, but they leave before taking any action to download your app or register on your website.

2. They then see your retargeted ads while browsing their social media platforms.

3. This reminds them of your website or app, and they click on your ad to return to register or download your app.

How YUMBI Supports Retargeting

All YUMBI-built websites and apps can pass audience data into ad-serving platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads for retargeting purposes.

2.   Automated Push Notifications

What if your target audience has downloaded your app but has yet to make a purchase?  Only a small percentage of customers who download apps complete an order first-time around. It often takes a little persuasion to get them to take the next step to purchase. Therefore, it makes sense to launch an automated push notification campaign to remind your potential customers who abandoned their journey and get them back on track.

Push notifications are an effective way to do so. These are short messages delivered to customers at any frequency, on any day, at any time, and at a low cost. This makes push notifications an excellent method of activating customers.

Push notifications can be sent to app visitors who did or did not take a specific action. This way, they can encourage customers to complete the steps to place a food order.

How YUMBI Supports Push Notification Consent

Push notifications can be sent to any Android device as long as a customer has opened the app once. However, on iOS devices, customers must first consent to receive push notifications. YUMBI-built apps use modern best practices to encourage push notification opt-in on iOS devices at the earliest moment to increase the likelihood of communicating with a customer. 

Consider these levers when designing a retargeting campaign or push notifications:

  •  Advertise just before peak mealtimes.
  • Offer a voucher incentive, feature a promotion or a limited deal.

If you have a marketing initiative in mind, ask how YUMBI can help ensure a seamless user journey from first click to checkout.

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