Article highlights:

In this article, you will gain deeper insights into how YUMBI helps you…

  • Communicate with customers.
  • Enhances your brand presence.
  • Enables you to take full ownership of your customer data.
  • Seamlessly integrate your online presence with complete confidence.

Running and operating an effective, respected and even much-loved QSR isn’t simply about offering delicious meals to your customers. It goes deeper than that. It’s about creating an entire, well thought-through immersive experience – one that captures and holds attention. One that tugs at the heart strings to create true loyalty. With YUMBI’s food ordering platform it all comes down to your customers, your advantage. This is where as a QSR you enjoy a direct line of communication to your customers, a powerful brand presence, and full ownership of your customer data – all seamlessly integrated to take your brand upwards and onwards with complete confidence. Let’s explore how YUMBI can help you reach for and attain ongoing success on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

1.         Direct customer relationships:

With YUMBI, you’re more than just a QSR – you’re a conversation! Forge direct connections with your customers, deliver personalised communication and enjoy targeted marketing that resonates with your customer tastes and preferences.

2.         Branding and visibility:

YUMBI is your QSR’s virtual storefront and a vital extension of your brand. Use it to showcase your brand ID with every customer visit. 

3.         Customer data ownership:

Own and control invaluable data to understand your customer preferences, behaviours, and trends. Craft tailor-made promotions and make informed business decisions anytime you like.

4.         Customisation and flexibility:

Customise the YUMBI features and the user experience to align seamlessly with your QSR personality and your business objectives. 

5.         Cost savings:

Wave a fond farewell to hefty third-party commissions – YUMBI is a smart financial move that translates into significant, long-term cost savings for your QSR – money that you can put to far more beneficial use elsewhere.

6.         Promotions and loyalty programs:

Craft promotions and loyalty programmes that mirror your QSR ethos seamlessly. It’s not just about incentivising repeat business; it’s about fostering lasting customer loyalty under your brand’s unique flavour.

7.         Data security and compliance:

With YUMBI, data security allows you to take full charge of your online security, ensuring the utmost safety of customer data. This commitment goes beyond compliance; it’s about building customer trust where data privacy concerns are paramount.

8.         Integrated marketing efforts:

YUMBI is your marketing friend, friend. It seamlessly integrates into your overall marketing strategy, from social media campaigns to email marketing. It allows you to create a cohesive and effective marketing ecosystem that amplifies your QSR’s unique story. It’s real marketing power at your fingertips.

9.         Customer insights for Improvement:

Use customer feedback to improve and impress. Analyse app and online usage patterns to continually enhance your services, ensuring your QSR remains top-of-mind (as well as 1, 2 or even 3 steps ahead of your competition!) 

10.       Long-term investment:

YUMBI’s online digital platform is your go-to solution that gives you the flexibility and adaptability to remain relevant to your customers in a digital world that can change in the mere blink of an eye (and often does!)

While third-party services offer convenience, YUMBI brings you convenience, brand power, and data-driven insights that integrate and combine to make it a vital weapon in your business artillery.