Drive revenue and retention through actionable feedback

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Change the way you interact with your customers by gaining actionable insights that help you improve your service levels.
Daily customer feedback.
Immediate customer insights.
Automated vouchers to win back customers.

Feedback that counts

Your customers’ feedback is crucial. By accessing their opinions on ordering, service, food quality and overall experience, you can continue to improve and provide exceptional service. With our BeHeard feature you can connect with your customers, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty when ordering on your Brands eCommerce website or app.
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Promote and incentivise

BeHeard provides actionable insights that help you understand how your customers are serviced. Use these valuable insights to improve your restaurant’s operational performance across the board.

Proactively engage with customers to increase customer lifetime value and improve retention revenue that grows your quick-service restaurant.

Use quick responses combined with Smart Campaigns to offer real-time compensation vouchers, locked down to specific customers. Reaching out, connecting with and offering customers even a small incentive can increase return rates by 100%.

Reach and retain customers

Data reveals that only 17% of customers place a follow-up order in the 2nd month after being acquired. In addition, only 8% of new customers continue to place orders after the first 12 months. BeHeard helps you address this by reaching and communicating with customers to improve retention levels dramatically.

Connect with customers, measure satisfaction, drive revenue

Intuitive questions. BeHeard questions are tailored to the customer order channel (phone-in, app or web order) and order type (delivery, collection, or curb side orders).

Get insights. View all feedback in one place. Receive a holistic view of valuable customer insights to improve performance.

Build a loyal customer base. Drive revenue by creating loyal customers who experience continual contact and genuinely see improvements made thanks to their feedback.

Customer Order Feedback

How you can benefit from BeHeard

Requested feedback is proactive. Every online customer is asked to provide feedback, resulting in significantly higher response rates.

Results are private. Customer feedback is sent directly to your brand and restaurant before it’s shared in a public forum for other customers to see.

Win-back intervention is automated. Using YUMBI Engage, automated SMS messaging or push notifications can be used to send vouchers in an effort to win back high-value customers without human intervention.

What our clients say

About using BeHeard
The insights that we have gained through the use of this module have been invaluable. By highlighting areas of our business that require improvement, we have been able to make changes that have resulted in a more positive customer experience. Additionally, the personal touch that this module provides has brought us closer to our customer base, helping us to build stronger relationships with them.

– Tom Carter | Deputy Managing Director, Galito’s