Article highlights:

  • Earn and own your revenue with YUMBI
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Enjoy complete control over your brand’s online presence
  • Make accurate data-driven decisions

As the online digital ordering space rapidly expands across South Africa, QSRs face some challenging decisions. One of the most frequently asked questions by franchisees is whether they should rely on third-party aggregators or invest in their own online ordering platform? The answer is that by investing in an omnichannel platform solution from YUMBI, your QSR gets to reap significant rewards by embracing and owning your own digital space. Here’s why…

Data ownership

Data ownership with YUMBI’s direct ordering platform, allows you to get, collect, analyse, and act on invaluable first-party customer data for a deep understanding of your customer base. This allows you to make data-driven decisions in real-time to the benefit of your business and customers. In a nutshell, this data allows you to tailor your business to customer expectations while driving profit. 

Increased revenue

Opting for orders placed directly through your restaurant’s website and dedicated mobile app offers distinct advantages. Primary here is that YUMBI offers significantly less fees than other third party platforms. That means you have the opportunity to retain more of your hard-earned revenue. This not only maximises your profit margins but also provides a more sustainable model for your business in the long run, allowing you to reinvest in enhanced offerings while serving your customers even better. 

Better customer relationships

Over the short, medium and long-term, your own platform allows you to build real, lasting customer relationships. BeHeard from YUMBI is a powerful tool that enables you to engage with customers in real-time and act swiftly and decisively on their feedback. This leads to loyalty and of course, repeat purchases allowing ongoing revenue and profits. Having your own digital ordering platform  empowers your brand to own and nurture these customer connections.

Ease and simplicity for customers

When your customers order directly from you, they avoid the hassle of downloading a separate app or creating an account with a third-party platform. You make their online menu-browsing and ordering experience simple and easy. As an example, returning  customers are able to see their past order history, making repeat orders simple and easy.  This leads to higher conversion rates and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Your brand, your way

You get to manage and deliver your brand image to your market with complete control for higher levels of customer trust. Focus with complete clarity and place increased emphasis on areas that are important to you like convenience, delivery or service excellence. Customers, in turn, will quickly understand that they can rely on you to cover their orders efficiently and accurately.

Making your customers feel valued, special and appreciated becomes so much easier and increases loyalty when you take full ownership of your very own website or app with the seamless, integrated power of YUMBI.