It can often be challenging for quick-service restaurant owners to manage the web or app side of their business. Understanding how to engage customers in the digital environment can be confusing and intimidating. For the most part, these days customers are also generally a lot more tech-savvy – they want their online experience to be pain free. When it comes to ordering food, customers want  the ordering process to ideally be as simple as thinking about it. So, the question we are often asked by newly signed up restaurant owners on the YUMBI Platform is … 

How do I get started on the YUMBI Platform and when will I see an increase in customer orders?  

Let’s answer that question as follows:

1. Get to know the YUMBI Customer Success Team

YUMBI has a dedicated Customer Success Team who are geared towards assisting and guiding every restaurant owner on their digital journey to success – advising and upskilling quick-service restaurant owners, store operations managers and their staff to fully understand and appreciate the power behind the YUMBI Platform – what it is, how it works and how it integrates with the store’s POS system.

2. Get to know the YUMBI Help Centre

The YUMBI Help Centre offers all the information needed to successfully navigate the online ordering landscape, allowing restaurant owners to get started quickly and begin delivering on their promises without delay.

These knowledge base articles cover everything a restaurant owner will need to know about starting out in the digital world on the YUMBI Platform – from online business marketing and advertising to customer satisfaction.  

Restaurant Owners will learn about…

  • How to satisfy customers and win loyalty with StoreFront.
  • How to service customers fast with TO-GO.
  • How to keep customer communication open with ENGAGE.
  • How to offer safe and secure contactless customer payments with PAYSWITCH.
  • How to analyse and read rich customer data and gain valuable information with INSIGHT.
  • How to excite customers through e-vouchering, promotions, push notifications and SMS communication using SMART CAMPAIGNS. (Including how to submit campaign templates and different brand level campaigns).
  • How to speak directly to customers and listen to what they’re saying with BEHEARD.
  • How to effectively use Key Integrations seamlessly for a faster, smarter, fully integrated online ordering platform – on both web and app, mobile and desktop, Android and IOS.
  • How to easily assess Uptime ReportsOrder Summary ReportsCall Reports, and Failed Order Reports for improving overall operations.

Making the ordering of every meal online as easy as thinking about it is how you genuinely gain and retain loyal customers who want to interact with your brand. Giving your customers valid reasons to come back again by building a solid online relationship all comes down to partnering with YUMBI so that you can grow your quick-service restaurant, maximise your return on investments and create wonderfully personalised customer experiences. Let’s work together to make every interaction with your customers online really count so that your credibility remains your greatest asset.

For more help with troubleshooting any issues or learning how to read your Reports visit our Help Centre.