In this article we’ll focus on how Switchboard helps you personalise your customer journey through…

  • A streamlined customer journey
  • Personalisation opportunities
  • Problem-solving
  • Meaningful customer relationships
  • Seamless integration
  • Improving key metrics 

Customer engagement and retention are crucial factors that can significantly influence the success of your QSR. Switchboard from YUMBI goes a long way to helping you achieve this. From understanding the customer journey to efficient problem resolution, Switchboard is reshaping the online ordering experience of your customers for the better. Let’s explore how…

A streamlined customer journey 

Did you know that 48% of orders are still placed through phone calls? That’s nearly half of every order you take! It makes sense then to ensure that your customer experience is streamlined, seamless and works in the best interests of your customer. Switchboard helps you quickly understand customer history, including past purchases, preferences, and interactions. The automatic customer look-up feature also allows agents to access vital information quickly. The result is a smoother and more efficient customer journey.

Personalisation with clout

By leveraging order history, agents can tailor customer needs effectively. This personalisation carries true clout. For instance, if a customer like Sarah frequently orders the same pizza, the agent can use her order history to streamline the process, saving time and enhancing Sarah’s satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Find solutions fast

Agents can proactively address problems based on past interactions, reducing customer effort and frustration. Let’s say Sarah contacts Switchboard about a delayed order and the agent, aware of any previous delays Sarah has experienced, quickly takes action to resolve the issue. Sarah’s problem is immediately solved and she feels valued and appreciated. Sarah is now a happy customer and you’ve increased her loyalty towards your QSR going forward.

Meaningful customer relationships

The power behind Switchboard is that its features really empower agents to create meaningful customer connections. Long-term relationships need to extend well beyond individual transactions, and the personalisation functionality built into Switchboard delivers just that! This gives you a solid, ongoing, daily foundation for building genuine trust and loyalty – turning customers into repeat buyers who’ll enthusiastically vouch for your business.

Seamless customer-centric integration

To maximise the benefits of Switchboard, it’s crucial to seamlessly integrate the technology with QSR operations. Agent training plays a vital role here, ensuring a consistent delivery of personalised engagement. A well-trained team equipped with Switchboard can elevate your customer experiences dramatically.

The measure of success

To gauge the impact of automatic customer look-up and order history features, key metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, retention rates, and average handling time needs to be carefully considered. Improvements in these areas improve the success of Switchboard in providing a personalised ordering experience that not only satisfies customers but also contributes to your growth and success.

Embrace the power and reputation behind Switchboard and you embrace customer loyalty and satisfaction beyond what you ever thought possible. You’ll experience the pleasure of improved customer service standards, a happy staff and increased profits ringing through your store. At the end of the day, everybody wins!