In this article we’ll focus on why you should travel the road to delivery success with YUMBI.

  • Expanded reach and visibility
  • Increased revenue streams
  • Operational efficiency
  • Customer convenience and satisfaction
  • Data insights and analytics

It’s Saturday afternoon just before 6.00pm. The big game is starting in an hour. Your customer has invited some friends over to watch and cheer the team on. A braai was part of the plan, but the rain has decided otherwise. Takeout it is then! Whether it’s an evening get-together, a midday work lunch break, or an evening at home snuggled up watching movies, there are a myriad of situations where your customer wants the convenience of having their QSR meal delivered straight to their door.  Let’s take a look at how YUMBI’s delivery services play a significant role in enhancing your QSR operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Expanded reach and visibility:

YUMBI’s delivery services leverage cutting-edge geolocation technology, allowing your QSR to extend its reach way beyond the walls of your store. It means that your meals reach the right place, right into the lap of your customers, reinforcing satisfaction and loyalty. In doing so, you’re tapping into both existing and new customers while creating greater visibility and awareness in your area.

Increased revenue streams:

According to YUMBI data, delivery customers tend to spend 10% more on average than your in-store customers. This allows you to open up new avenues for profitability – especially if you’re offering delivery promotions and specials. Linking these specials to both delivery and significant events/days (e.g.: Mother’s Day, Easter, sports tournaments) can significantly boost your sales! 

Operational efficiency:

YUMBI’s delivery services go beyond just connecting customers with their favourite meals. Integration with YUMBI’s delivery service partners streamlines operations dramatically. Delivery insight data provided by YUMBI plays a pivotal role in optimising delivery routes, tracking driver performance, and minimising delivery times. You benefit, your customer benefits. 

Customer convenience and satisfaction:

YUMBI’s delivery features prioritise customer convenience, offering scheduled delivery options that allow customers to customise their orders according to specific dates and times. It’s a value-add that allows your customers to tailor their delivery according to their day. It shows that you’re prepared to fit around the lifestyle of your customer with complete flexibility. In addition, the integration of customer feedback ensures you’re able to continuously refine your delivery offering, addressing pain points for a smoother, more effective delivery service.

Data insights and analytics:

Access to comprehensive data insights is a key advantage of utilising YUMBI’s delivery services. Analysing delivery performance data allows your QSR to make informed business decisions, identify trends, optimise menu offerings, and tailor marketing strategies to maximise profitability. The actionable insights gained from delivery data help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Take a moment to consider this: while you’ve been reading this article, your customers have been selecting meals from your online menu. The time to order has come with the click of a button. Are you ready to deliver? 

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