In today’s digitally enabled world customers have become accustomed to receiving immediate service and attention. It’s definitely an expectation to also have a choice in how they receive this service whether it be digitally or through more traditional channels. However, many of today’s online food ordering solutions, as well as third-party aggregators, do not offer and /or support call-in orders as part of their product and service.

We’ve seen first-hand through our Switchboard platform that on average 40% of all orders are call-in orders.

Switchboard has been designed to work hand-in-hand with our online ordering platform, StoreFront, to make ordering as easy as thinking about it.

With Switchboard, gone are the days of noisy, crackly store-based phones and distracted cashiers trying to serve both counter and call-in customers. Not to mention all the abandoned calls and lost orders. Our powerful web-based call-in ordering solution built on top of the YUMBI food ordering platform provides brands and restaurants with a centralised tool to help deliver an all-round better call-in ordering experience.

There are many key features within Switchboard that will make it an essential part of your business. Here are just a few:

  • The ability to capture call-in orders on any internet-enabled computer, from any location. (Provided you have a VoIP enabled softphone). That means you no longer need the agent to sit in-store.
  • Providing a single-view of customer information for all agents. This ensures that you can effectively meet the customer’s call-in order experience requirements.
  • Real-time address validation. By validating the address upfront, the agent is able to ensure that the customer is within sufficient proximity to a restaurant for food collection, or alternatively falls within the restaurant’s approved delivery zone.
  • The ability for agents to service call-in orders for multiple restaurants and brands. This assists with managing the financial and human-capital investment required when offering call-in orders.
  • Creation of a single customer database when used in conjunction with StoreFront. This can assist with delivering better data insights and can be leveraged for marketing and communication efforts with Engage (our marketing communications platform).
  • Access to YUMBI’s reporting functionality enabling you to accurately assess call-in order frequency, the number of call-in orders per restaurant, success-rates, and much more. All of this creates a greater level of transparency and auditability.

Switchboard not only offers your customer an additional gateway to place their order with peace of mind, it also takes the pressure off your store staff so they can focus on customers in the restaurant. There are benefits for everyone.