Call centres play a central role in the quick-service restaurant industry, especially in customer interaction and helping drive revenue. An efficiently operated call centre carries huge benefits for brands, franchise restaurants and their customers. However, there are a number of unique challenges that need addressing for a call centre to run efficiently. Thankfully, YUMBI’s Switchboard has been specifically designed to help you get the very best out of your call centre. Switchboard is a web-based call-in solution that automatically looks up customer information, validates their addresses and captures orders – all in real-time. Here’s why Switchboard is vital to the ultimate success of your call centre…

Call Volume

Peak hours always mean a busy in-store environment and a high volume of incoming call centre orders. Customers phoning in expect their calls to be answered promptly and orders handled quickly and efficiently. This can put immense pressure on call centre agents in terms of providing customers with exceptional levels of service. They need to ensure they’re polite, attentive and knowledgeable – all while managing the call queue effectively. This can be a big ask during those busy periods. To assist agents in streamlining their customer interactions, Switchboard offers automatic customer look-up, order history and saved customer notes for all returning customers. This cuts call time dramatically and helps agents interact with meaning, purpose and speed.

Menu Options

Each customer has their own unique needs. Some want extra toppings, others have dietary restrictions or allergies. Sometimes menu items and availability change (for example, avocados may be out of season). Old promotions are removed and new promotions added. Menus and customer needs are dynamic, changing continuously. Call centre agents need to avoid providing customers with incorrect information and accepting orders that can’t be properly fulfilled. Switchboard addresses this with its customisable menu upsell prompts. Agents are able to instantly see your current menu and promotions, allowing them to engage with a high level of professionalism and customer support, leading to a better all-round food ordering experience. 

Time Management

No customer wants to be left for an undue amount of time waiting to order. Every customer wants quick ordering and a fast meal turnaround. It’s vital that agents are able to handle orders with a smooth efficiency, freeing the rest of your staff up to prepare the orders within the promised timeframe. Switchboard empowers your call centre to remain focused, reducing errors and dropped orders. When time and money are of the essence, Switchboard is your go-to solution.

Technical Issues

Phone-in ordering systems are complex and can often lead to operating issues that could leave both you and your customers frustrated. By harnessing the capabilities of Switchboard, you get the complete peace-of-mind that it’s always maintained and updated – kept in perfect working order and seamlessly integrated into your Storefront for call centre functionality at its finest. The result is fewer technical disruptions, better order processing, higher quality handling of customer inquiries and elevated service excellence.

Staff Training

Call centre agents are the face of your quick-service restaurant to every phone-in customer. Their interaction with your customers is therefore paramount. For this reason, training is an extremely important part of the process. 

Training includes: 

  • How to respond to a wide range of questions and inquiries
  • Impeccable knowledge of menu items
  • Current promotions and delivery options for a specific restaurant 
  • Understanding opening and closing times and your store address 
  • Knowing how to handle customers with respect, and courtesy, remaining polite and with positivity and high levels of energy. 
  •  Answering each and every call clearly, with clarity and warmth

Professionally trained agents add real value to your restaurant, adding personal brand appeal to unlock customer loyalty, appreciation and satisfaction. In addition, outsourced call centres offer lower operating costs, inclusive hardware and maintenance and increased sales due to fewer lost calls, taking the hassle out of managing your call centre. 

Whether you choose an in-house or outsourced call centre, Switchboard from YUMBI brings you a more personalised, customisable, powerful agent and customer experience – the benefits work both ways.

For more information, contact YUMBI today and set your quick-service restaurant on the road to call centre success.