In this article we’ll explain how YUMBI’s delivery features enhance your QSR customer experience thanks to…

  • Deliver to Pin
  • Live Driver Tracking
  • Restaurant Look-Up

YUMBI’s delivery features are specifically designed to take your customer’s experience to a new level of satisfaction! Deliver to Pin, allows customers to enjoy the freedom of having their favourite meals delivered anywhere they choose. Live Driver Tracking provides real-time updates, ensuring effective time management, while Restaurant Look-Up streamlines the ordering process, offering a personalised touch. Together, these features go a long way to improving repeat purchases and greater loyalty. Here’s how…

Deliver to Pin: Convenience at its best

  • Customers can set a delivery location with a simple pin drop on the map.
  • Ideal for customers on the move or without a fixed address.
  • Deliver to Pin flexibility allows customers to make impromptu meal plans stress-free.

Live Driver Tracking: Transparency in real-time

  • Customers can track delivery in real-time that includes the driver’s name, progress and ETA via push notifications and on-screen prompts.
  • Customers with busy schedules and tight deadlines receive complete clarification around delivery times.
  • Live Driver Tracking improves both customer satisfaction and driver performance

Restaurant Look-Up: Streamlined ordering made easy

  • Customers can find restaurants based on location, delivery options, and menu preferences.
  • By simplifying the search process, the user experience is dramatically enhanced.
  • Saves time and allows for a personalised approach to ordering food.

The integration of these features into YUMBI’s service delivery model significantly impacts customer behaviour. The ease and satisfaction derived from ‘Deliver to Pin,’ the confidence instilled by ‘Live Driver Tracking,’ and the efficiency of ‘Restaurant Look-Up’ collectively contribute to customer satisfaction. The bottom line is that your QSR will enjoy repeat purchases thanks to QSR brand reliability, heightened service levels and increased loyalty. You’ll soon find that customers don’t just come back, they won’t want to go anywhere else.