In this article we’ll show you how to make your customers feel special with specific reference to…

  • Instagram-worthy specials
  • An irresistible dad deal
  • A social media promo for women
  • Tasty side promo
  • A thumbs up vote for your QSR

South Africans love a national holiday! In fact, give us any day and any reason to celebrate and we jump at the opportunity! Why? Because every holiday and every celebration gives us good reason to gather together, connect and eat, eat, eat! Leveraging these occasions can significantly boost customer engagement and sales for your QSR, so understanding the significance of these dates and planning promotions accordingly can enhance your brand’s connection with customers. Let’s explore some key upcoming dates on the South African calendar together with some refreshing ideas that present opportunities for targeted customer engagement.

Youth Day, 16 June

Introduce a limited edition menu featuring trendy and Instagram-worthy dishes using bright and vibrant colours to appeal to the younger generation! 

Father’s Day, 16 June

Let’s be perfectly honest! What dad doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned burger and fries? Here’s a promo made especially for dad – order a delivery of a burger and fries and throw in a free beverage of his choice as a special ‘high 5.’

Heritage Day / National Braai Day, September 24

Take the hassle out of food preparation on National Braai Day! Offer triple side combos for when the meat comes off the braai. Fresh salads for the whole family will never taste this good!

How to get the most out of your marketing efforts…

  • Use Engage to send out campaigns and promotions.
  • Plan early and send requests for specific templates to Brand teams for approval.
  • Align your products with each holiday’s spirit or purpose. 
  • Tailor your promotions and theme your campaigns.
  • Celebrate the culture and community values within your area.

Every public holiday and other celebratory day is an opportunity waiting to happen! Grab each of them with both hands!