Article highlights:

  • Implement an escalating incentive.
  • Use automated cart abandonment notifications.
  • Migrate customers from ‘call-in to web to app’.
  • How YUMBI supports your QSR success.

Theoretically, ordering food online should be simple and easy. In practice, it’s often not. The user experience (UX) of YUMBI-built websites and apps is crafted with modern best practices. This, so that your customers enjoy a seamless journey from adding items to their cart to completing the checkout process. Let’s break down the three vital key ingredients for success in maximizing your revenue, reducing customer frustration and enhancing their engagement and overall experience.

Ingredient 1: Implement an escalating incentive

Imagine having a group of potential customers who have shown interest in ordering but who haven’t yet actually done so. Offering them an incentive to complete their order makes sense, but there’s a catch. Traditional ‘if-this-then-that rules’ can be exploited, and not every customer needs the same nudge to get them to purchase. To address this, we need to provide them with a time-based escalating incentive strategy. This not only minimises the risk of exploitation but also allows us to tailor incentives to the varying needs of potential customers. 

Ingredient 2: Use automated cart abandonment notifications

How often have you added items to your cart but then got sidetracked before checkout? You’re not alone! This is something your customers also experience and it’s exactly where cart abandonment messaging steps into the ring to fight for you. Sending a timely reminder, such as a push notification or SMS, within 15 minutes of cart abandonment keeps your offerings fresh in their minds – especially during crucial time-sensitive meal decisions times.

To fine-tune this strategy, consider tactics like creating a fear of missing out, conveying urgency, personalising messages with the customer’s name, and highlighting available offers. A well-crafted cart abandonment notification can turn a potential loss into a gain. Nice!

Ingredient 3: Migrate customers from ‘call-in to web to app’

It’s a fact that app users spend more, more often. Why? Mobile apps provide a superior user experience on phones, and push notifications consistently outperform SMS and email. Moving customers from calling in or ordering via the website to using the app experience becomes a powerful revenue lever. Encourage app downloads by offering warm, welcoming positive messages as well as incentives for the first app order. Also remember to inform customers of those desirable app-only features that are available to them! Small things mean a big difference to your customers! It really is the little things that count.  YUMBI also makes it easy for your business by enabling you to add an app download banner on your website with links to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the user’s device.

How YUMBI supports your success

YUMBI doesn’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk too. How? Our Smart Campaigns are automated, personalised messages tailored to deliver the right communication at the right moment. The Escalating Incentive Strategy, bundled into three sequential Smart Campaigns, can be your secret sauce for customer lifecycle marketing. Reach out to your YUMBI contact for more details on setting up ongoing Smart Campaigns to keep your customers engaged.

Ultimate success involves understanding your customers, enticing them with the right incentives, and guiding them toward a delightful user experience. With YUMBI’s tools and strategies, you can turn casual browsers into loyal customers, one order at a time.