Article highlights:

  • YUMBI makes it easy to set up festive season specials
  • How to get social online this holiday
  • Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!
  • Make in-store a special experience

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than by unwrapping some great festive offerings for your customers on the YUMBI platform this holiday season? YUMBI has a sleigh full of features to keep both you and your customers happy with plenty of ‘ho, ho, ho!’ Here’s your YUMBI checklist for plenty of merry cheer…

Festive feast specials:

Set up your menu offerings so that your holiday customers can browse through pre-set holiday specials, promotions and offers for easy decision-making, ordering and delivery.

Add discounts, limited time offers, buy-one-get-one-free deals and other value-adds to keep interest high and sales ticking over.

Social media cheer:

Remember to keep up your social media efforts over the holiday season. In fact, increase your efforts for more brand visibility, engagement, and customer loyalty. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media channels are awash with customers over this time, so take full advantage by getting your messaging out there! These platforms are perfect for showcasing your holiday-themed menu items and announcing limited-time promotions and sending well-wishes, so go for it and encourage customers to share your content. 

Surprise with the gift of great communication:

There can be no doubt – this is your busy season. More customers, more orders, more deliveries, more opportunity. Send out campaigns via SMS or Push notifications so that your QSR remains top of mind and prompts customers to order. YUMBI Engage is your festive-friend here. Use it to schedule SMS and Push Message Campaigns and eVouchers promos. eVouchers will be especially appreciated at this time of year and you’ll be seen as a caring, giving business that goes an extra mile to be a part of the festive season spirit.

With Engage you can:

  • Reach your desired audience with targeted SMS and Push Message campaigns that really resonate and encourage repeat ordering. 
  • Take total control of your marketing messages and budget.
  • Access real-time reporting to assess campaigns and ROI for faster decision-making.
  • Enjoy customer communication preference routing and a high degree of auditability.

Show your YUMBI Dashboard some love this holiday:

We understand that during the festive season it may be necessary to close earlier or later than your normal trading times. Don’t forget that we have a self-service toggle feature on our Dashboard that you can use to turn your restaurant on and off without needing to log a support ticket with our team. If you need to turn off your online ordering platform and Call Centre from receiving orders all you need to do is login to your Dashboard, select your restaurant from the drop-down menu, click Restaurant on the left-hand panel and switch to Off on the toggle. It’s as simple as that! By selecting off, your restaurant will appear offline and unavailable to accept orders through the online platform and Call Centre. Once you are ready to go back online you can repeat the process and select On. If you would like to extend your trading hours, please complete the Trading Hours Update Request form. here.

Season’s Greetings:

Finally, why not enter into the thrill of the end-of-year joy by making sure that in-store you greet customers with happy staff and colourful decorations. Dress up your staff in merry hats. String ribbons, balloons and glitter balls throughout your space. Play festive music. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the lift of staff morale and customers will sense a real buzz and energy as you bring them fine festive dining fare. Let’s bring it on!