Article highlights:

The benefits of partnering with YUMBI:

  • Franchise-friendly solutions
  • Consistency, reliability, availability
  • Integrated and customisable
  • Multi-language support
  • Data analytics and reduced 3rd Party risk
  • System and data security

Why multinational QSR brands partner with YUMBI to unlock growth and success

It’s true that in the not-so-distant past, a newspaper advert and a radio commercial or two were enough to engage customers. This is certainly no longer the case as multinational brands now constantly seek new and innovative online solutions to drive growth and enhance customer experiences. For the past decade, YUMBI has been the go-to partner for QSR businesses, providing integrated digital ordering and customer engagement solutions that have unlocked exponential growth and success. In this article we’ll explore and unpack the compelling reasons why multinational QSR brands choose YUMBI as their trusted partner.

Franchise-friendly solutions

YUMBI’s human-centric approach to onboarding sets the stage for a seamless transition to their digital platform. With a dedicated single point of contact, multinational brands find it easier to integrate YUMBI’s services into their operations. This level of personalised support ensures that the onboarding process is hassle-free, leaving franchisees with more time to focus on delivering first class food and customer service.

Centralised customer success control is another key aspect of YUMBI’s approach. Multinational brands can trust that their customer support is managed efficiently from a central hub. This streamlined process means that issues are resolved quickly, ensuring customer satisfaction across all locations.

Consistency across regions

One of the standout benefits of partnering with YUMBI is a commitment to maintaining consistency across multiple regions. Multinational QSR brands often struggle with the challenge of delivering a consistent brand and customer experience across different locations. YUMBI’s unified platform provides a solution to this problem, providing consistency that is vital for building and maintaining brand trust in a global market.

Reliability and availability

Uptime is money. Which means downtime is not an option. YUMBI understands this and delivers a consistent platform uptime of over 99.9% per month. Should an issue arise, their average mean time to recover is less than 15 minutes, ensuring that your operations remain in good shape 24 hours per day. 

Multi-language support

No matter where you’re located, the chances are you need to cater to the tastes of customers from a variety of diverse backgrounds and languages. YUMBI recognises the importance of catering to all people and cultures. Multi-language support allows customers to place orders in their preferred language. This feature not only enhances accessibility but also boosts user-friendliness. YUMBI’s successful launch of a French interface in Côte d’Ivoire is a testament to this commitment of ensuring every customer feels at home when ordering from your QSR.

Data analytics and reduced 3rd Party risk

YUMBI’s advanced data analytics with regional insights empower brands with invaluable information to understand regional preferences and performance. By reducing 3rd party technology risk through our platform, we simplify integration complexity and provide clear accountability when issues arise, reducing administrative headaches.

System and data security

YUMBI considers system and data security a top priority. Protecting the privacy and reputations of our customers’ brands are paramount. As such, our security protocols are PCI level 2 compliant. And because our systems have redundancy built into them, it’s easy to include additional servers and upscale our systems should capacity require so (e.g.: Friday night month end, Black Friday, Festive Season). Our systems are also designed and built with realtime redundancy so that we can quickly, easily and seamlessly switch to new infrastructure if the need arises, without any downtime.

A fully customisable and integrated platform

YUMBI understands that each multinational QSR brand has unique corporate identities and operational requirements. That’s why we offer a highly customisable platform, allowing you to tailor your digital ordering experience to your specific needs. Whether you need to host multiple menu varieties, such as standard or Halaal options, time-based menus, or delivery-only items, YUMBI has you covered.

YUMBI’s platform integrates seamlessly with various third-party point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment processors, and delivery providers. This level of flexibility ensures that your existing operations can be seamlessly integrated with YUMBI’s solutions, reducing operational disruptions and costs.

As you expand into new markets, YUMBI is there to support you – offering ongoing training materials and support to ensure that every region, no matter their level of familiarity with online ordering systems, receives the assistance they need. As YUMBI continues to expand its global footprint, you’re invited to partner with us for a taste of all the great benefits on offer – both now and into the future! Let’s grow and thrive together.