The current Quick Service Restaurant market has become cluttered and noisy, with an increasing likelihood that reaching your customers with engaging content is proving more and more difficult. In order to stand out from your competitors and reap the benefits of your customers taking action you need to have a solid marketing plan. 

We believe that knowing (and understanding) key customer drivers and decision levers is critical to succeed. 

We have leveraged this knowledge to build Engage – an on-demand campaign management solution that enables you to create rich, brand-specific content and deliver targeted communication to your customers at the click of a button.

Here are some tips on how to get the most value out of your customers through Engage:

Grow your customer database

The easiest way to grow your bottom line is by having a large customer base. In order to grow your customer database you will need to increase your marketing initiatives, print some flyers to hand out in store, use posters to encourage customers to download your app and spread the word through your social media channels. 

Communicate regularly with your customers

Communicating regularly using brand-specific content will keep your brand/restaurant top of mind with your customers. This means that the next time they are craving some fast food they will think of your restaurant first. Remember to make sure you don’t spam your customers and only communicate within normal business hours. 

Know your marketing budget

Make sure you have a reasonable marketing budget in order to communicate with your customers. Having a brand-specific targeted message allows you to speak to the right customers at an optimal time in order to gain the most value from them without breaking the bank. 

Engage allows you to have control over how much you spend and who you target. It is conveniently accessible via desktop or mobile device. We’ve built-in real-time reporting functionality that allows you to assess campaign performance, track where customers came from, and effectively determine Return on Investment. 

Using Engage effectively will no doubt lead to sales growth within your business.