Addressing instant gratification to benefit franchisees and their customers

The world of online ordering brings convenience and accessibility to our fingertips faster than ever before. We can order almost any goods, services and products at the click of a button. Our urge for instant gratification is immediately satisfied and that includes our desire for food.  

YUMBI platform – The easy to use ordering system

The YUMBI platform is a South African developed, feature-rich omnichannel ordering solutions provider that is leading the way in the quick-service restaurant industry. As an easy-to-use ordering system it offers businesses, franchisees and marketing teams a number of powerful benefits…

  • Fully integrated marketing solutions that deliver customer-focused results.
  • A streamlined system that allows for the management of menus, prices, deals, promotions, customer data and marketing campaigns.
  • The opportunity to develop strategically-focused brand loyalty by reaching, connecting and engaging with customers seamlessly.

For the customer, YUMBI delivers real value in terms of…

YUMBI’S online system saves time

For both franchisees and their customers, YUMBI is an exceptionally efficient e-commerce ordering solution. Importantly, it saves both parties time by streamlining orders.

  • Customers save time by ordering from the comfort of their own homes, without standing in line at busy outlets, especially during peak hours. This prevents undue in-store frustration while also allowing customers to ponder their orders without any pressure at their leisure.
  • Franchisees save time by receiving and processing orders faster than ever before. This means staff are able to work more effectively, keeping them focussed on better food preparation and quicker service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation for all concerned. Happy franchisee, happy customer.

Local technology, global YUMBI appeal 

The YUMBI platform’s huge success in South Africa has led to its exploration of broader horizons across Europe, Africa, and the US, where YUMBI aims to capture the attention of global markets. Both franchisee and customer satisfaction are vital in this quest for a share of international attention. This is why that as a tool for increasing profits and growing franchisee business, the platform continues to incorporate new, innovative technologies – remaining at the forefront in its field is critical. It’s also why, that as a customer-focused online ordering platform, YUMBI remains unparalleled in its ability to offer more convenience, more choices and greater levels of instant gratification than ever before.

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