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In this article you will read about the power of BeHeard and its ability to…

  • Transform how you interact with customers
  • Help you reach your customers in real-time
  • Provide you with insightful data
  • Improve your brand image

Opinions. We all have them. Whether it’s our take on a game of sport we’ve just watched, a book we’re reading, or a theatrical production we’ve just experienced, we all want to have our say. In fact, we voice our opinions on every topic under the sun. One of our favourite subjects to discuss of course is food. How often have you heard: ‘that was a bit spicy for me,’ ‘that sauce was amazing,’ ‘I had two helpings of that dessert, it was delicious.’ When it comes to food, we really do want to be heard.

When it comes to the QSR industry, BeHeard from YUMBI is your customers’ mouth-piece. It allows them to voice their opinions. By allowing them to have their say, you’re able to really listen to them, and, in so doing, up your game dramatically by driving change and improving your business offering as and where necessary. Here’s how…

The power of listening:

BeHeard is a revolutionary tool in the QSR landscape, transforming how your QSR interacts with customer feedback. Every customer has a different need, a different want, a different desire. By using BeHeard, you get first-hand customer feedback – no ifs, no buts, just the hard facts. First, you listen to what your customers have to say, then you act. BeHeard has been designed to allow you to move fast and effectively in responding to your customers with openness, honesty and transparency.  

Real-time feedback, real-time action:

One of the standout features of BeHeard is its ability to capture real-time feedback. This immediacy allows QSRs to respond swiftly to customer suggestions, complaints, or compliments. This agility in response not only addresses issues before they escalate, but also creates a dynamic where customers genuinely feel cared about – a feeling that fosters loyalty and repeat business. It cannot be emphasised enough – customers live online in real-time 24/7 and you need to be there for them around the clock as and when they need you. BeHeard helps you do that!

Your data-driven powerhouse:

Sure, BeHeard is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to collecting data, but it’s the built-in, under-the-skin analytic tools that brings your QSR next-level insights. These tools allow you to identify customer trends over time, understand customer preferences, favourite menu items and so much more. So whether it’s modifying menus, improving your in-store customer experience, or offering specials and promotions with real impact, you’ll always be able to meet your market when, where and how they want you. 

BeHeard. Be customer-centric:

Integrating BeHeard into the daily operations of your QSR cultivates a customer-centric culture. Being customer-centric means focusing on and prioritising the needs, preferences, and satisfaction of your customers in all aspects of a business – and that’s no mean feat! By utilising the power behind BeHeard, you, your management team and staff will be constantly reminded of the value of customer feedback. It’ll remain top-of-mind in your business to ensure that every decision, big or small, places customer satisfaction at the forefront of your efforts.

BeHeard and brand image:

Why does big brand clothing sell like hotcakes the world over? Because people like to associate themselves with successful brand images – simple as that. By utilising BeHeard to its full potential, you will absolutely impact upon your own QSR brand image for the good. Actively seek and respond to customer feedback and you will be seen as caring and attentive. Keep menu items updated to the preferences of your customers and you will be seen as a trend-setter and innovative. Run interesting and attention-grabbing specials and promotions and you will be seen as adding value. These are positive brand perceptions that will set you apart and turn customers into brand ambassadors who are likely to recommend your QSR to friends and family.

As the QSR landscape continues to evolve, BeHeard will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping a more responsive, customer-focused future. Over to you…