YUMBI BeHeard is a new customer feedback feature that can be switched on for all franchisees on the YUMBI platform. It can be activated on your branded food ordering app and website, allowing customers to provide feedback on their ordering experience, service, food quality, and overall interaction – quickly and easily. But why the need for BeHeard?

Striving to do the very best to deliver a good, if not great customer experience is part of every successful business’s vision – customer-focused businesses succeed in both their promise and delivery of excellent service.  Consistency is key here. Customers who always, or almost always enjoy superior experiences talk about those experiences. They speak to family, friends, and colleagues – they sell you as superior. They become faithful, loyal, appreciative customers.

Research shows that:

Many years ago, the doyen of advertising, David Ogilvy, famously said: ‘The consumer is not a fool, she’s your wife.’  That saying holds as true today as it did then. It’s, therefore, crucial to study, understand and take customer perceptions seriously. Any business, large or small needs to proactively engage customers to improve retention, drive loyalty, and increase lifetime spend. 

BeHeard addresses all of these issues through its simple-to-use interface. This is how it works:

  1. Because no Opt-In is required, all customers can be asked to provide feedback 60 minutes after ordering by rating their order experience. 
  2. Intuitive questions are asked, tailored to the customer’s order channel (phone, app, web) and order type (delivery, collection, curbside). 
  3. Insights are immediately available to the franchisee who can then take swift action if needed.
  4. Feedback is sent directly to the franchisee before being shared in a public forum.
  5. An automated SMS or push message can be used to send vouchers and win back high-value customers. These real-time compensation vouchers are locked down to specific customers by leveraging smart campaigns through YUMBI Engage.
  6. Customer details are known resulting in fast franchisee response times and direct contact with the customer.
  7. Communicating with customers by asking for feedback shows you care. The result is more positive reviews which can be passed on to staff for greater motivation and performance.

BeHeard is the power behind gaining actionable customer insights, improving operational performance, and increasing customer lifetime value and retention. It’s built around allowing franchisees to be proactive through constant customer feedback and engagement. By viewing feedback all in one place, a holistic view of insights is instantly possible to measure customer satisfaction and drive revenue. Use BeHeard today to build a loyal customer base that genuinely sees the value in their feedback and the improvements being made – and run a more efficient, customer-experience-driven quick service restaurant.

To activate the BeHeard feature or to find out more, contact us at connect@yumbi.com for a free demo.