The benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants couldn’t be more significant than during the current situation we find ourselves in South Africa and globally.

The trend for digital ordering has become more and more popular in recent years and now is definitely a good time to join the digital food ordering space if your restaurant has not done so already.

But what are the true benefits of online ordering? 

Convenience for customers

With today’s busy lifestyles, most of us just don’t have the time or energy to cook every night. In a world where every second counts, convenience is king. When customers can order their food from their favourite restaurant faster, easier, and at their convenience, they tend to come back again and again.

Increased order volume

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to do whatever you can to strengthen the bottom line. A higher volume of orders means you are making more money. 

An online ordering system gives you a platform from which to boost sales. You are appealing to a tech-savvy demographic that prefers ordering online over just about every other option. If you have an online presence that promotes this feature, a simple search could bring them straight to your door. 

A seamless automated process

Using an online ordering platform automates your usual ordering processes. This means that, without the distraction of ringing phones, having to take orders and payment info, your staff can spend more time with customers. You will be making your customers who are collecting their takeaways, happy customers with your undivided attention. 

Automation also has other benefits; accuracy increases and waste decreases, as the customer is responsible for placing the order. There is no chance of being misheard because of the noise volume in the restaurant, guaranteeing satisfaction. 

Higher basket value

It is a known fact that when ordering online through an online system, customers tend to spend more than if they were in the restaurant. Additionally, when customers have more time to browse your menu, you will have more opportunities to upsell. 

In short, if you have an online ordering system, you are reaching a demographic group of customers that are ready to buy and are open to your offers. If online orders result in higher sales- and studies prove that this is true, that means an online ordering system will result in a higher volume of sales as well as a higher basket average.