Wouldn’t you like to see the future for the benefit of your business? Well with access to our real-time reporting system, Insight, you’ll be able to predict how your business will perform in the near future. 

We believe that business decisions are only as good as the data they are based upon. We’ve worked closely with a number of market leading brands and restaurant owners to create a reporting tool that delivers powerful, usable insights. Insight is a secure and cloud-hosted reporting platform that works seamlessly with our StoreFront, Switchboard and Engage products. 

If used effectively you’ll be able to make decisions based on real information in real-time. It will help you make better decisions around:

  • Staff allocation during peak and off-peak times. 
  • Improving your stock control and management. 
  • Determine prioritized delivery areas. 

You’ll also have instant access to your current and previous sales figures, and be able to analyse customer order behaviour. 

Insight, as the name suggests will give you a wealth of knowledge about your business and give you the opportunity to strategise more effectively. Meaningful information will make it much easier to plan ahead and move your business forward.