In this article we’ll focus on how Dine-In offers your customers a whole new level of experience thanks to…

  • Effortless ordering and payment
  • Digital menu convenience
  • Sensory appeal
  • Personalisation
  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Real-time updates

Every 24 hours the earth circles the sun as we humans actively seek out incredible experiences. We want experiences that make a difference in our lives. Enter Dine-In, your answer to a stress-free, waiter-free in-store ordering experience that increases customer satisfaction and drives your sales into the stratosphere.

Dine-In gives your customers space

Your customers want an experience where feeling rushed or pressured into making decisions through waiter interaction is minimised. They also want effortless ordering and payment options. Dine-In helps them do just that.

Meteoric opportunities

When customers are given space to browse a digital menu, they spend more time considering their options thanks to high-quality images, and customer reviews.

Sensory appeal that’s lightyears ahead

Signature dishes and desserts can entice customers to indulge their senses. Strategic placement of offerings (e.g.: featuring a dessert after a main course) can encourage your customers to add those items to their order.

Upsell like a star

Personalised recommendations based on previous orders or popular choices not only enhance the dining experience but can also help you upsell without the pressure of waiters hovering at the table.

A relaxed atmosphere

The absence of waiter pressure contributes to a more relaxed and enjoyable dining atmosphere which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction, repeat visits, and word-of-mouth recommendations – all because your customers are having a great experience.

Real-Time, universal updates 

With Dine-In, real-time updates and customising orders skyrockets the dining experience and increases total order value.

As the earth turns around the sun, what bright new stars will you create on your menu today?