In this article we’ll focus on how to streamline your QSR operations with YUMBI’s Switchboard with…

  • World-beating order-taking
  • A great workflow track record
  • High performance integrated systems
  • How Switchboard takes your QSR to maximum productivity

No athlete simply breaks a world record. It takes small steps to improve day by day, month by month until they’re ready to go out there and produce their very best results. In other words, small differences lead to big gains. The same counts for your QSR. YUMBI’s Switchboard, is your cutting-edge call-centre platform that’s specifically designed to streamline your order-taking process, taking you to outstanding operational efficiency while boosting your revenue. Here’s how Switchboard keeps your business powering forward…

World-beating order-taking

Switchboard eradicates multiple touchpoints, leading to shorter handling times and decreased errors. As demand for fast, reliable service rises, Switchboard speeds up operations and streamlines processes.

Great workflow track record

  • Automation: Routine tasks like order confirmation and status updates are automated.
  • Productivity: Staff handle more orders in less time, translating to cost savings.
  • Personalisation: Customer details and order history are saved, allowing quick identification and tailored service.

High performance integrated systems

  • Seamless integration: Switchboard works smoothly with existing POS systems.
  • Information flow: Eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces errors.
  • Efficiency: Enhances operations without requiring a complete technological overhaul.

How Switchboard takes your QSR to maximum productivity

Rapid handle time

  • Speed: Faster ordering processing means less waiting time for customers.
  • Satisfaction: Higher satisfaction levels and repeat business.
  • Efficiency: Staff can handle more orders during peak periods.

Accelerated cost savings

  • Labour costs: Reduced labour costs thanks to automation of routine tasks.
  • Operational costs: Lower overall operational costs for greater profits.

Swift customer satisfaction

  • Accuracy: Orders are processed quickly and accurately.
  • Delivery: Faster delivery times and fewer mistakes.
  • Loyalty: Satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend your restaurant.