In this article we’ll focus on how To-Go from YUMBI saves you time the simple and smart way through the KISS principle. Experience…

  • Fast order processing
  • Fewer order errors
  • Safe and secure customer payments
  • Improved customer service
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Simplified, efficient data

Ever heard of the KISS principle? It means Keep It Simple and Smart – it’s used by highly efficient companies and sports teams globally to keep them focussed on being the very best they can be. Here’s how To-Go from YUMBI saves you time with a big KISS…

Speed up order processing

To-Go revolutionises order processing, slashing waiting times for your customers and streamlining your staff’s workflow.

  • Customers can place orders online, bypassing queues.
  • Orders are received directly, allowing immediate preparation.

Minimise order errors

Eliminate costly and time-consuming order errors with To-Go to ensure precision service and customer satisfaction.

  • Customers input orders directly into the system.
  • Accurate orders reduce returns, complaints, and correction time.

Streamlined payment

To-Go integrates seamlessly with your existing payment systems, ensuring quick and secure transactions.

  • Customers pay online, minimising the need for handling cash or cards.
  • Speedy, error-free payments enhance transaction smoothness.

Improved customer service

To-Go allows your staff to dedicate more time to customer service, improving the overall customer experience.

  • Reduced order-taking time frees up staff for customer engagement.
  • Enhanced service encourages customer loyalty and recommendations.

Efficient marketing campaigns

Leverage valuable data from To-Go to create targeted marketing campaigns that hit the mark every time.

  • Utilise customer preferences and purchasing habits for effective marketing.
  • Focused campaigns yield better results, saving time and effort.

Simplify reporting and analytics

Gain actionable insights with detailed reports on sales, customer behaviour, and order trends from To-Go.

  • Make informed business decisions with comprehensive data.
  • Quickly identify improvement areas and implement growth-driving changes.