Article highlights:

In this article you will gain a clear understanding about getting the basics right with YUMBI in 2024…

  • Embrace the digital world
  • Focus on data
  • Engage your customers personally 
  • Reach out to your customers strategically and with intent
  • Create a loyalty program

Well there we are, 2024 is upon us as the holiday season fades into the distant past! And, as is the case every year, we’ve all resolved to give the New Year our best shot ever. 2024 will indeed present us with great opportunities and challenges. But to achieve our goals, let’s commit to doing the basics right. If you agree that your mission in 2024 is to drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and attract a consistent flow of new consumers (all with an eye on increasing profit), then this article is going to go a long way to ensuring that you do get the basics right. Ready? Let’s go!

 1.  Embrace digital wholeheartedly

This year, more than ever before, you need to embrace the digital world. Really commit to understanding the importance of insights from your customer’s digital journey. Social media platforms will no doubt continue to evolve and customers will most definitely continue to live their lives more and more and more online. So leverage these platforms (and their trends) to maximise your marketing efforts for a greater ROI.

2.    Concentrate on your data: 

Take your data seriously. Look at it and understand it. Analyse it to understand your customer behaviour, the frequency at which they order from you, where they’re ordering (online/app or in-store). This will give you a clear understanding of where, why and how to target them with your communication.

3.    Engage your customers strategically:

Segment your audience into highly engaged, engaged, and unengaged categories. Develop a content plan to reach them. Yes! Develop a content plan! This cannot be overstated enough. When you have a plan you have a strategy. When you have a strategy, you know what’s going to work best for you when it comes to communicating, engaging and driving your customers to purchase. Without a plan, you’ll be doomed to ‘chasing ghosts’ as it were.

4.    Reach out with personalised marketing campaigns:

Your customers are not numbers, they’re real, living, breathing people. So use your data and insights to craft personal strategic campaigns with a high probability of conversion. For instance, send personalised SMS messages or Push Notification campaigns that offer discounts on preferred items, turning one-time consumers into brand-loyal customers. Study your customer preferences, order history, visit frequency, and more. Then personalise, personalise, personalise – because every customer is more likely to engage when you provide relevant offers and recommendations.

5.    Build a loyalty program:

Offer a loyalty program and generate excitement by launching it with social media teasers, countdowns, and exclusive pre-launch offers. If you already have a loyalty program, now is the time to evaluate it and perhaps tweak or improve it if necessary. Increase customer loyalty by including birthday, public holiday, school holiday and even anniversary offers.

2024 is yours for the taking! Start your journey to success right here and now by getting the basics spot on and take your QSR to the next level over the next 52 weeks and into 2025. You’ll be a happier, more streamlined, profitable business, and your customers will be singing your praises from in-store to online and beyond. Remember that each small step and every small improvement you make, brings your QSR and your customer a little closer to each other each and every day with positive, memorable interaction. Now go out there and do it – you know you want to!