57% increase in platform revenue

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Pedros Chicken implemented YUMBI Switchboard to address the increasing number of call-in orders coming directly from their quick-service restaurants.

Results with YUMBI


improvement in call abandonment rate


increase in average basket size using Switchboard compared to online ordering.

The Craving

Pedros Chicken had 3 distinct challenges to address:

Improve the efficiency and customer experience of call-in ordering.

Overcome managing the high volume of orders during peak times.

Increase revenue.

Satisfying the hunger for success

Remarkable results ensued thanks to the utilisation of YUMBI Switchboard. These included:

Average spend per order on Switchboard rose by 6% through online ordering channels due to well-trained agents who encouraged the upselling of items, resulting in bigger basket sizes.

YUMBI reporting and analytics tools were instrumental in gaining valuable insights into customers' call-in ordering patterns, allowing Pedros Chicken to improve overall operational efficiencies, and deliver a more streamlined ordering process.

A taste of victory

Switchboard has assisted in handling increased call volumes and ensuring smooth operations.

Peak periods efficiency.

Key call-in analytics and deep insights into customer behaviour.

Improved data-driven decisions for better service.

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