In this article we’ll highlight 5 effective tips that you can use with BeHeard to turn your customers into loyal followers. Here’s how:

  • Respond quickly
  • Be personal
  • Show appreciation
  • Offer solutions
  • Follow up consistently

What if you could take your customer feedback and transform it into a growth opportunity for your QSR? The good news is that you can! YUMBI’s BeHeard platform provides a valuable space for you to communicate directly with your customers and to use this communication to create a loyal army of followers. Here are five indispensable tips for mastering the power of BeHeard for better customer interaction and increased sales

1. Respond quickly

We’re living in a world of instant gratification where speed is everything. Customers expect swift, if not immediate acknowledgment of their feedback. BeHeard allows you to respond quickly, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction and laying the foundation for constructive dialogues.

2. Personalise your responses

Address customers by their names and reference specific aspects of their feedback in your responses. This shows you have actually taken the time to consider their thoughts. Avoid generic ‘copy & paste’ replies at all costs and you will quickly build a strong customer connection for greater loyalty and trust.

3. Show empathy and appreciation

Thank every customer and express gratitude for their feedback, be it positive or negative. By doing so, you highlight your commitment to improvement and leave a lasting positive impression. Being polite, courteous and warm is as much a face of your brand as the food you prepare, so always take time to care.

4. Offer solutions, avoid excuses

When addressing concerns or complaints, emphasise solutions over excuses. Firstly apologise, then explain how you plan to rectify specific issues or improve based on the feedback. Your customers will truly appreciate that you’ve taken their input seriously and are genuinely and actively working towards solving their issue.

5. Follow up

Real customer service excellence comes with following up. Following up means you reinforce your commitment to customer satisfaction. Inform the customer that you’ve made changes and resolved the issue. Ask them if they are happy with your solution. Thank them for being patient while you’ve rectified things. Be proactive and positive. This shows you’re interested in them and dedicated to continuous improvement. 

The power of BeHeard is that it helps you both listen and respond to your most valuable assets – your customers – and turn them into loyal brand advocates for years to come.