If you have an online food ordering app, you need to advertise it online to attract and acquire new customers. In a brick-and-mortar world, we spend a lot of time choosing the best location to capture as much foot traffic as possible. Think of online marketing channels as signposts to your online business. An active digital presence is therefore essential to attract potential customers as they navigate web and app pathways daily.

Typical advertising channels for food outlet brands include:

  •   Google Search (organic and paid ads)
  •   App Store and Play Store listings
  •   Instagram and Facebook profiles and posts
  • Google Maps listings and marketing websites

Recipe for Success

The recipe for any successful marketing campaign contains three ingredients: targeting, creative, and the landing page. When executed effectively and in an integrated way, your campaign can deliver an exceptional customer experience from start to finish which correlates with a positive return on investment (ROI). The three elements should be integrated to provide a seamless process from ad to sign-up. If any part is disjointed, it increases the chances that a consumer will drop off and exit the path to purchase.

1. Targeting

Three of the most effective paid media campaign types to acquire new app users are:

1.   Google Universal App Campaigns

Promotes your app across Google’s largest properties, including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network.

2.   Apple Store Search Ads

Helps people find your app on the Apple app store.

3.   Facebook & Instagram App Install Campaigns

Promotes your app on Facebook and Instagram.

For the best results, you will need a digital marketing specialist to develop the creative assets, do the targeting, and place the ads.

2.  Creative

Compelling creative (copy and visuals) is essential to any successful marketing campaign. It can help increase brand awareness, differentiate your brand, and persuade potential customers to take action by grabbing their attention and drawing them in to learn more. It can also convey information in an engaging way, which helps persuade potential customers to download your app.

3.  Landing Page

The landing page is a single webpage that appears in response to your ad, i.e., people click through from your ad to the landing page, which should contain a strong call to action to download the app.

You may be wondering, why not take them directly to the app? Requiring a customer to download an app can sometimes be a friction point that would cause first-time users to look for an alternative option. Therefore, it may be better to steer these customers toward a website for their first order and then to an app for subsequent orders.

You might ask why have an app at all when a website will do. Interestingly, customers who use food ordering apps will very often spend more than those who use websites or who call in to order.

In addition, apps have the most cost-effective customer retention mechanism with push notifications.

Case Study

Consider this example of a successful Facebook campaign run by Pollo Chicken:

→ TargetingPollo Chicken targets Facebook users in close proximity to one of their online-enabled branches.

→ Creative: The marketing team puts together a promotion and runs a Facebook advertisement, mentioning the name of the customers nearest Pollo Chicken branch.

→ Landing Page: The Facebook ad directs users to the relevant Pollo Chicken branch on the website, where they can quickly place an order and can download the app.

How YUMBI supports successful campaigns

YUMBI supports its customers’ online marketing strategies by empowering targeting on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads with first-party audience data. Additionally, YUMBI can host landing pages with your creative that provide a seamless hands-off to the path to purchase. 

Web and app ordering portals are built with seamless marketing channel integration in mind. For example, it’s possible to send web customers directly to a specific outlet or menu item from that outlet.

If you have a marketing initiative in mind, ask how YUMBI can help ensure a seamless user journey from the first click to checkout.

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