32% overall improvement in operating efficiency

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When selecting a phone-in solution, quick-service restaurants have a choice of 3 options – traditional phone-in ordering, in-house call centres, or outsourced call centres. The challenge is to choose the right, most effective option for your business. On average, outsourced call centres enjoy a 32% overall improvement in operating efficiency when compared to in-house call centres.

Results with YUMBI

97% vs 83%

Outsourced call centres enjoy a higher percentage of calls answered than in-house call centres.

3% vs 17%

Outsourced call centres offer a lower percentage of dropped calls when compared to in-house call centres.

The Craving

When considering which call centre option is the right fit, it’s important to ask:

Do you want your call centre operation to automatically look up customer information?

Do you need to receive real-time customer address validation?

Do you require detailed call reporting?

Satisfying the hunger for success

The benefits of opting for an outsourced call centre are immediate and lead to streamlined call centre efficiency that includes:

Lower call centre operating costs.

Inclusive hardware.

Full call centre maintenance.

Highly trained and professional agents.

A taste of victory

By using an outsourced call centre, franchises enjoy better handling of:

Call volumes and orders received.

Peak-hour service delivery.

Time management.

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