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Dine-in, To-Go
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Galito’s Howard House recently trialed Dine-In and To-Go. The challenge was to introduce a cost-effective self-service solution that could capture on-premise customer data while differentiating Galito’s from competitors with a view to increasing customer engagement, turnover, and profit.

Results with YUMBI


Increase in new online customers for the same period the previous year.

4.78 out of 5

Average customer experience rating.


Increase in registrations for online ordering for Galito’s brand as a whole during the pilot period for Dine-In and To-Go (February to April) vs the same period the previous year.

The Craving

In trialing Dine-In and To-Go, Galito’s Howard House wanted to:

Connect and engage with customers to deliver fast and convenient service.

Enable customers to scan a unique QR Code in the restaurant using their mobile phones to place an order online.

Satisfying the hunger for success

The trial showed a high level of success, with Galito’s Howard House delivering exceptional results. The franchise was able to connect with walk-in and sit-down customers while receiving insightful reports, automating time-consuming activities, and experiencing a user-friendly operation as follows:

Successfully reaching, increasing, and capturing data on a larger customer base while differentiating the brand from competitors.

Receiving deep analytics from a business information perspective.

Automation of orders saved time, reduced errors, and led to increased efficiency.

Ease-of-use, effectiveness, and high-value rating across both Dine-In and To-Go.

A taste of victory

Galito’s Howard House far surpassed its stated objectives across the trial period with a range of positive achievements:

Highly cost-effective self-service solution

Accurate capturing of on-premise customer data

Differentiation from competitors, increased customer engagement, turnover, and profit.

A serving of happiness

This ordering channel now allows the customer to skip the queue and pay directly on the platform. This offering ups our sales, it adds to the customer’s experience, reduces waiting time, and frees up the cashiers allowing them to get orders out faster.

The best part is that we can monitor consumer trends, and other relevant reports by viewing the business intelligent insights provided on our dashboard.

Ingrid Potgieter | Delivery & Project Co-ordinator - Galito’s

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