119% increase in online ordering for the same store, year on year

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PizzaBoyz required a suite of fine-tuned, solutions-driven products to provide them with far greater clarity on the day-to-day operations of their business. These products needed to be cost-effective and user-friendly to help them identify their customers and grow market share. YUMBI assisted them in solving these challenges where other providers couldn’t.

Results with YUMBI


Increase in online ordering for the same store, year on year, since joining YUMBI.

4-stars +

App rating increased from 2 to over 4 stars.

The Craving

In signing up for YUMBI, PizzaBoyz wanted to address three specific challenges. These were:

The need for a reliable, user-friendly, custom-branded online ordering platform, allowing customers to browse menus, customise their personal preferences, and place orders instantly without the need to go in-store.

To identify their customers and communicate with them regularly via the platform to increase engagement and feedback with the aim of increasing overall service excellence.

To expand their market reach and grow their customer base to maintain a competitive advantage and increase their brand reputation/awareness, specifically with a view to increasing turnover, revenue, and profitability.

Satisfying the hunger for success

The YUMBI products and services selected by PizzaBoyz saw a significant upturn in customer satisfaction for the brand. Features and functionalities found to be most valuable in addressing their stated challenges were:

Fully customisable and responsive e-commerce website and app for customer orders with both Android and IOS functionality.

Data-rich, cloud-based real-time reports to assist with deep insights into customer behaviour and operational efficiency, including staff and stock management.

Customer feedback feature to engage with customers on a daily basis for receiving immediate feedback and actionable insights on customer experiences.

A taste of victory

PizzaBoyz experienced dramatically improved overall operational efficiency and order accuracy leading to:

Increased online orders/sales.

Streamlined order management (decrease in order errors/failed orders).

Better planning thanks to real-time insights and data on order volumes, peak hours, and popular menu items.

A serving of happiness

What a privilege to be able to work with such a great team of professionals and a fine-tuned product. Their guidance throughout the entire process was much appreciated and helped us focus with far greater clarity on the day-to-day operations of our business.

Ezio Arrigo | C.E.O - PizzaBoyz

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