Reasons to navigate the online ordering space with YUMBI

Online Ordering

If you’ve ever owned a restaurant, you’ll know that many are competing for the same piece of the pie (pun intended). When it comes to engaging with customers and securing sales, food delivery and seamless ordering systems are two factors that certainly drive success. This is especially true in more recent times, with a global pandemic limiting coveted dine-in bookings.

As the world sits tight at home, online ordering has become our new norm, forcing business owners to relook their current strategies and processes. The benefits of online ordering go beyond the pandemic alone. In fact, they’ve been prevalent over the last few years both in South Africa and abroad. If you’ve yet to enter into the digital ordering space, here’s why you should definitely consider it.

Greater convenience

Today’s busy lifestyles mean less time to cook, making online food orders a quick and simple way to keep your customers coming back for more. They can also order from wherever they are with a few clicks or taps on their chosen devices.

More orders, more profits

The right online ordering system can boost sales and keep your business growing from strength to strength. When you’re online, your customers can always find you, making ordering easier than ever before.

Engage with the next generation of customers

Today’s consumer is tech-savvy and wants options. If your brand isn’t online, you’re missing out on a crucial part of the market that’s only going to grow in the months and years to come.

Hassle-free automated ordering… for them and you

With the right ordering platform, you could automate your standard ordering processes. This means streamlined sales without the nag of ringing phones or correctly capturing consumer info. Greater accuracy means less waste too.

Higher basket value

Did you know that online ordering often leads to greater spend than sit-down orders do? With more time to browse your menu, you have a better chance of upselling too. This results in more sales and a healthier bottom line.

Trust the stand-out platform for stand-out brands

YUMBI has proudly spent the last decade empowering franchisees and restaurant owners with a range of scalable offerings. StoreFront, their white-label e-commerce ordering system, connects outlets with their customers, whilst Switchboard ensures call-in consistency. Then, there’s Engage, to help you create meaningful conversations with your audience and keep them going too. Those wanting a complete overview of their brand’s success need Insight and it’s cutting-edge data to drive greater business and marketing decisions. Enjoy all of this and more whilst third-party integration keeps you agile and flexible, the way every good brand should be.

Why partner with YUMBI over third-party aggregators?

  • With YUMBI, you call the shots: own your customers, retain their information and contact them whenever you please.
  • Customise the platform to suit your requirements in a way that actually grows your business.
  • You work hard to earn your margins, why let someone else erode them?

With 20 million orders across 4 different countries and 1500 outlets, isn’t it time you rose above the noise to impress, connect and deliver? For more on our solutions that include online and telephone ordering, customer relationship management, and complete marketing solutions that drive efficiency, sales, marketing and consumer satisfaction, contact