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7 Effective ways to grow your restaurant delivery orders

7 Effective ways to grow your restaurant delivery orders

The way people eat has changed dramatically since Covid. Online ordering and food delivery is no longer just for fast food but for top-quality restaurant meals. The ready-to-eat food delivery global market has more than doubled since 2017 and is worth an estimated $150 billion.* Taking restaurant orders online isn’t a “nice to have” anymore. […]

Unlock the Ultimate Advantage with Data-Centric Insights

data centric

In today’s digital environment, customers expect restaurants and restaurant brands to not only have an online presence but to also offer a tailored and seamless digital-ordering experience that matches the ecommerce experiences they’ve become accustomed to. Fortunately, the technology that makes this possible is now ubiquitous; with even individual mom-and-pop restaurants enjoying access to their […]

YUMBI Teams Up with Uber Eats to Put Control Back in the Hands of Restaurant Owners

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By integrating its offering with Eats and utilising the Uber Direct services, YUMBI has added a critical delivery component to its data-rich, fully integrated online ordering and customer intelligence solution for multi-location quick service restaurants (QSRs). Leveraging its ten years of industry expertise, YUMBI partners with multi-location QSR brands to ensure they deliver the high-quality […]

Celebrating One Of The Most Loved Fast Foods – Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

National Pizza Day Today we’re celebrating one of the most loved fast foods – Pizza! Although ‘National Pizza Day’ is mainly an American celebration, we thought it would be interesting to explore the history of pizza and some interesting facts about the cheesiest fast food. Though flatbreads with toppings were consumed by ancient Egyptians, Romans, […]

Reasons to navigate the online ordering space with YUMBI

Online Ordering

If you’ve ever owned a restaurant, you’ll know that many are competing for the same piece of the pie (pun intended). When it comes to engaging with customers and securing sales, food delivery and seamless ordering systems are two factors that certainly drive success. This is especially true in more recent times, with a global […]